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Pandan Scented Utensil detergent

E’scential anti-bacterial dishwasher detergent, efficient in degreasing and is formulated with 100% natural silver ions (food-grade safe), safely eliminates 99.999% harmful bacteria from your dishes. Its’ refreshing Pandan fragrance is specially developed to remove fishy smell, unpleasant odours and as well deters cockroaches from invading the dishes storage cabinets.

Available in 750ml Bottle, 1L banded with 1L Refill and 600ml Refill Pack

Ag+ Silverion FamilyShield Disinfectant

Ag+ Silverion disinfectant spray is formulated with 100% silver ions, safely eliminates up to 99.999% harmful bacteria on any non-porous surfaces. Ideal for all infection control practices in homes, public areas, restaurants, childcare centres, schools, hospitals and clinics, etc as it provides a 24 hours residual kill time against bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Available in 250ml trigger spray bottle.

Lavender Silk

Lavender Silk

Calming, relaxing oil which combats stress and crisis while the antiseptic properties
helps with cold, flu and other ailments and excellent for asthma and

Sandal Wood

Increases confidence; paranoia calming effect; improves meditation capability.

Grape Fruit

Increases body metabolism, slimming capability, reproduction of brain cells, enhances
Lemon Fizz

Lemon Fizz

Improved relaxation capability; eliminate tiredness; counter sleeping disorder.


Aids to breathing difficulties; anti-bronchitis. Relieves headaches. Helps to lower
occurrence of asthma.